Friday, May 18, 2012

Its summer, off to the races!

The spring semester has ended again and its time for the summer, when those of us who teach during the school year get the majority of our work done. It is also time for summer traveling, sometimes for fun but definitely for work.

I am attending the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease conference and workshop this year in Ann Arbor, MI and am excited to geek-out about parasites and disease ecology. Because I am the only person studying disease ecology in mammals and ticks at IU right now, these meetings are always fun because I get to talk to other researchers who work on similar systems. This meeting is also relatively small, which means you can get face-time with “famous” professors, and get to meet a lot of really awesome students from all over.

This summer’s meetings have a bit more pressure than usual. I am hoping to graduate next spring or summer, so this summer my job is to talk to possible post-doc advisors and give people a face to put with my name if I show up on any of their job searches. I hope I can wow them with what I have been doing for the last few years and talk about possible future collaborations and projects.

I will be mobile-blogging while I am away, mainly through Tumblr I think, but I will try to have posts copy to my blog here as well. Also, International Towel Day is in a week and will happen while at the meeting, so I hope to post some Douglas Adams homages while away.

Happy spring!

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