Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ESA - more mobile blogging

This week is ESA (the Ecological Society of America) meeting in Austin, TX. Where 3,000 ecologists get together to talk about anything you can think of that goes under the umbrella of "ecology" (which is a lot!). I am giving a talk on my research Friday morning (the last session, where an unfortunate number of friends are giving overlapping talks). I am going to try some mobile blogging again, adding to this post throughout the day.

Me and my lab-mate Dan got in yesterday (Monday) afternoon. Pretty successful so far. Saw some mediocre talks go before my friend's very good talk, saw a couple people I've met at EEID meetings, and saw a former Madison classmate (we did a project on leaf-cutter ants for our tropical botany class) who will be defending his PhD from Princeton next week.

First session on trait-based approaches to disease ecology was pretty interesting. The best thing to come out of it was a discuss with a few of the other women working with tick-borne disease. Have a meeting with one of them who is worked on things really similar to me, immune function and how that relates to ticks and disease, since she will miss my talk on Friday. Its so nice to have the people who have the possibility of being academic rivals are actually really nice!

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